Monday, 29 February 2016

the e-book is loose!

Apparently, the e-book version of Performative Experience Design is available for purchase! I haven't seen the completed text myself, so fingers crossed that nothing went horribly wrong at the last minute.

Of course, these texts are meant for libraries and suchlike to purchase, so if you're not A) a librarian or B) a passionate devotee of performance in an HCI context with C) money to burn, please do not interpret this post as a request to boost my Amazon rankings!

More to the point, if this topic/blog/book is of interest, please get in touch! The more momentum we can get behind the intersection of HCI and performance - no matter what the terminology - the better off we all are.

Friday, 26 February 2016

getting my (mostly girly) name out there

When I was a kid, I didn't know a soul with my name. I didn't know a soul who had ever known a soul with my name. The first time I ever met someone who connected, it was when I was living in England at the age of 9. 'Jocelyn? That's an old family name. My uncle, my grandfather...'

I was mortified. I was 9. But as the years went on, I met more and more people with my name or versions thereof. All but one or two were women.

Fast forward to my first few weeks at the Mixed Reality Lab. Last Saturday I gave a talk at an event. And a week from Thursday, I'm giving a talk at another event. And the reason for both is that I'm female. I'm thinking this is possibly slightly bizarre, but positive and lovely. If anyone can glean something helpful from my experiences, more power to them!

Last Saturday was the Inspire Women in Tech event at Nottingham University, and the 10 March event is a Visible Women evening at Distinction. If you're around, come on down!