Friday, 27 May 2016

yin and yang, CHI and Tapra

I had far too exciting of a time at CHI this year to get around to blogging about it for - how many weeks? - even though I was only at the conference for one day (and a party). I think I managed to cram in a good portion of the entire conference's worth of great conversations and interesting ideas into that short time frame, though! So many people! So many ideas! The excitement included the Springer author meet-and-greet for people who had recently published books with them. I'd love to be so cosmopolitan and jaded that such an event wouldn't even register, but that would be a lie and a half.

And then, just a week and a day after I got home from CHI, I was off to High Wycombe to present our ongoing project here at the MRL, The Rough Mile, at a practice-based performance event titled 'Returning Ghosts'. This was a symposium, every bit as intense as CHI but for exactly the opposite reason - there were only a handful of us there, but we were all intimately familiar with (and excited about) intermedial autobiographical performance. Where was this event when I was doing my PhD??? This was an interim event for the Performance and New Technologies Working Group, part of Tapra (the Theatre and Performance Research Association).

I feel like both halves of my brain have now been equally overstimulated, and I'm ready to take on the world! (Which you can tell because I've been too preoccupied taking over the world to post here...)