Thursday, 22 December 2016


Since July, my priorities have been on keeping my project(s) charging along, writing All The Papers, and making lots of good things happen so that I can stay on at the MRL - because on top of all that, my lovely other half and I have bought a disastrous pit of rubble house. We acquired said pit house in June, thinking we'd do a bit of necessary work over the summer, decorate it in October/November, and move in at the beginning of December. We estimated these timings while fully taking into account the dire warnings from everyone we know that such things always take three times longer than you think they should. Well, the status of said pit house went from bad to worse as soon as we bought it...  We moved in last week. It's mostly built and almost entirely undecorated, and still has consumed just about every waking moment from me and my lovely other half for the past six months.

In cases like these, work remains the top priority, with a roof over one's head a close second, and blogging about one's work slides down the list a bit. 

But I'm ringing in the new year with an exciting proposal! Come to Denver in early May and have fun with the cool kids of HCI! Deadline 27 January.

Happy merry good things and a blissful 2017 to all :) 

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